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Gift cards are one of the most common types of cards and one of the safest, especially for online shopping. In addition, they allow you to have total control of expenses since the holder has to charge them before using them. Next, we explain what they are and how they work.

What are Prepaid Gift cards?

Prepaid cards are those that require the cardholder to load the money they want to spend before using them. They are a kind of card-shaped purse. One of its main uses is to pay for purchases online.

Unlike credit and debit cards, gift cards do not have to be linked to any account. In fact, some are not even associated with a specific owner, but are bearer and do not have anyone’s name printed on their surface.

Being rechargeable cards, the owner must load the money he will need on the card. These types of cards are valued for their security since, in case of theft, only the money charged could be spent.

As with the rest of the cards available in the market, prepaid gift cards allow you to pay for purchases both in physical stores and on the Internet.

However, in recent years, virtual prepaid gift cards have become fashionable. With them, you can only make purchases online, since the client does not have them physically.

How to use and recharge prepaid gift cards?

Prepaid gift cards can be physical or digital and are not associated with any checking account, but the money in them is the one that the user recharges previously.

In order to use them, it will be necessary to charge them. To do this, we will have to transfer the balance we want to use to our prepaid card, either from a checking account or from a card.

Once the card is loaded, purchases are made as with debit and credit cards, both in establishments and online. To pay for a purchase online, we will only have to enter the card number, expiration date and CVV on the payment gateway.

We can use it to get money from an ATM, although only if the card is physical.

It is important to emphasize that if the prepaid card is virtual, it can only be used in physical stores if it is linked to a wallet and paid with a smartphone.

If after using it the balance has been reduced to zero, we will have to reload it for the next purchase. If, on the contrary, money has been left over, it would be advisable to download the card, so that it is empty and thus increase security. Downloading it is as easy as loading it and can be done through the app or the entity’s website.

Now, with the arrival of virtualvisacards.com, gift cards are being promoted in many banks. They are the only totally virtual cards that exist in the market because we will only have the necessary numbers and data of the card. We will not have the card in physical support. These cards are ideal for fans of online shopping.

Are prepaid cards safe to gift and use?

Prepaid gift cards have a clear advantage in terms of security over debit and credit cards. The reason is that not being linked to any bank account.

The possible adverse effects of data theft would be minor. In addition, as they must be previously charged, if someone made fraudulent use, the balance that could be available would be limited.

Therefore, any attempt at fraudulent action is virtually useless or at least will be limited to the amount of money the card has at that time.

That is precisely the key to prepaid cards: since they are loaded with money previously, you can only use that money, not even a penny more.

Advantages to Buy Gift Card with Bitcoin:

Among the main advantages of gift cards, we can find the security they provide and the possibility of hiring them without opening a new checking account.

– Total control of expenses.

– Simple operation through the Internet and mobile.

– Available without changing banks and without payroll.

– Safer than the rest, because they are not linked to any checking account.

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